References in reactions to work with Scholium:

Philip Bowman, Software Engineering Consultant, Chairman’s View Norwich Vt.
Insightful, Daring, Unique
“The meetings were insightful, poetic, well-crafted and thought-provoking… He did not appease nor shy from direct and powerful observations, while always kind, cheerful, focused and attentive… reliable and always appreciative. This was unique. “

Chris Charyk, Partner TheBodaGroup, Boston.
Expert, High Integrity, Creative
“Frank brings refreshingly deep and unique perspectives to executive consulting. Using a novel, imagination-rich approach … (it) becomes the structure from within which critical business, career and interpersonal issues are effectively approached. A truly “out of the box” experience with tangible, meaningful results!”

Ir. Pieter Kuipers, Philips, formerly Director for Philips Inter-national R&D and Philips Japan
Great Results, Exceptional, High Integrity
“. . . . an in the United States educated, analyst who… plies his gifts and abilities to top-level management engaging and strengthening their personal abilities. He is an exceptional good observer . . . has a good nose for energy leaks and wastes (while) …his confrontations are mild and emphatic, without judgment and very pure. What is left after the analyses are images, who reflect the affect of old consciousness and work therefore quickly in the new. Dependency on your own obstructions reduces and that gives new power. Particularly balance and restfulness results. As a true catalyst Frank does not participate in the process but speeds it up and deepens it. Afterwards is the obstacle, with which one has struggled for a long time, merely a bagatelle.”

Drs. Joy Uppelschoten-Vis, Director Congruent, Amsterdam.
Fast, Unique, Priceless
“ Clients and I are always surprised by his super fast analytical capacity; particularly through the non-conformal manner by which he reaches the blockage, which lies at a deeper level than where a coach works. His metaphors, reversals, confrontations or mirroring offer, every time and again, the client handles to resolve obstacles through which they come closer to desired targets. That works excellent! I wish that more coaches would seek his cooperation, benefiting both their clients and themselves, such is of priceless value…. ”


Bert van der Poel, director Uitvoering Stadstoezicht, Amsterdam.
Empathy, Transparent, Results
“Frank gets with his insight and knowledge the unknown to the surface. The consultations delivered a better view on the dynamics in relationships and my role in them”. The conclusions so fostered happen “without confrontation, without discussion regarding content but with much empathy and crystal-clear analysis. It is a beautiful process that delivers outstanding results: after the consultations seem the conclusions so self-evident that obstacles can be tackled with ease”.

Hope Haviland, Director, Adagio, Norwich,Vt.
Great Results, High Integrity, Experienced
“ … uncannily successful… He definitely thinks outside, inside and infinitely around the box… surprised by his quick and surprising concepts and outlook …I very highly recommend him.”

Siebe Schoonstra, Director Virtual ID, Communicationstrategist, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
Expert, High Integrity, Creative
“When working with Frank there’s never a dull moment. His capability to change your perspective on issues is very refreshing and at the same time challenging. Thanks to his analytic skills, professional and internal conflicts are easy to address. But it is the combination with his insight, experience and knowledge that makes him really stand out: his ability to link philosophy to psychology and history to our present social environment and his deep understanding of our motivations, brings every session to a higher level. That is why working with Frank is more than an uplifting event.”

Francine van Dierendonck, Senior Director & General Manager Global Online Store, Philips, Amsterdam
Specially Experienced, Very Sympathetic, Integrity
“Frank’s approach far surpasses the general management-coaching style based on models of Meyers Briggs or Eneagram. He works with integrity and original perspective on depth and development”.

Scholium Consulting
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