Frank v.d. Stok v. Altenæ, AB.; Ed.M
Senior catalytic-analyst and principal of  Scholium

Frank (’52) provides executive consults as curative catalytic-analyst to corporate clients in the US and Europe. For more than 18 years he was director at Millennia-Structures, a former consulting firm in the US, and now consults, researches and writes on leadership values during conflict and transference. He is international member APA. (American Psychological Association)

Born in ‘t Gooi, the Netherlands, he lived for more than 30 years in the States, employed first in the investment industry (i.a. Lehman Brothers, Kuhn & Loeb in their ‘better’ days) and later gaining degrees in History, Vassar and Psychology, Harvard, were he studied under Robert Kegan.

Since being well versed in history and depth-psychology he worked in the early 90’s on an effective method of epistemic analysis, while actively engaged in various forms of applied rudimentary architecture. He has two children whose educational advancements he follows with curious anticipation.




Scholium Consulting
Amsterdam ~ Leeuwarden ~ Boston