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Executive Sparring by Scholium delivers confidential one-on-one Individual Consulting beyond the Personal for top-tier management. As an accomplished professional with experience and leader in your field of specialization, it is particularly hard to admit that success often hinges on the nature of relationships and personality. When conflict rises, we frequently react in irritation as no education prepares any of us for the challenge of human interaction at the top nor allow for personal reactive responses under pressure.

Success hinges on the nature of relationships and personality

Scholium’s Executive Sparring asserts that personal or social miscarriages are natural and parcel to the human condition, no matter how ‘psychologically’ astute any of us are. The best of us will trip up at some point.* It is for this reason Scholium offers you our Sparring-process, which pays precise attention to challenging subject-object interactions, whereby solutions surface which couldn’t materialize otherwise.

You owe it to your self and to the company you keep
to engage Scholium when discord surfaces.


“… a practice, the equal of which is hard to find.”

Faculty, Dartmouth College


Case in point ~
The sept. 18, 2012 NRC news clip reads:
“Topman (Ton Büchner) AkzoNobel sick, 600.000.000 Euro gone”.

Mind you – heading any company the size of AkzoNobel can take its toll – but Büchner was less than 6 months on the job ! No matter the explanation: this is very costly. Solution: assign your top players with this trained independent sparring partner – its benefits outweigh its costs by far.



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