High-performance feedback and psychological insight by Scholium are part of a ‘one-on-one’ constructive process for top-tier management or creative-professionals demanding immediate solutions to challenging obligations, conflict or ambivalence.

When in conflict, costs accumulate exponentially; be they disputes among board-members, corporate-culture blow-back, enmity between peers or unease with our creative or personal track. A proactive stance towards conflict* – addressing content ánd individuals – puts potential disputes well ahead of the crisis curve. Anticipating discord adds pragmatic value.


“…this mix of soundboard and constructive rebuttal, by Scholium delivers direct result with consequence.”

former director Philips, R/D


In confidential consults we backup to the basics,* inducing a sharp, creative and agile edge to your thinking process which inspires innovative, highly effective actions in matters personal, inter-personal or organizational. This exclusive mix of psychology, coaching and brainstorming, shaped in 20 years field-experience, delivers perspective which, after personal evaluation, retool objectives, realign trajectories and disentangle personal dynamics.

Recommended for executives, top administrators, governmental appointees and creative professionals in business, government, NGO’s or non profits for a fast turn-around in performance; additionally are executive-candidates, managers in transition or senior partners (possibly preparing for post-operational commitments) benefiting from this track.

To redefine your present trajectory in light of change or discuss options available to you please contact or check LinkedIn.


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